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Online Courses

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What's Included:

8 weeks of progressive lessons

Over 80 high quality/multi angled video tutorials

Basic to Advanced Contemporary Floorwork

Acrobatic elements including Cartwheels, Inversions, Bridges, Jump Tricks

Great course to learn acrobatics for dancers/movers. I always wanted to learn more acrobatic movements and improve my dancing skills. In dance classes there is never time and trying to learn them from Youtube videos was very difficult. With this course I have all the explanations in detail, both with voice and movement. I watch the videos over and over again until I am satisfied. You can have your own pace. You learn movements separately and then put them into practice into a phrase. It’s easier this way and more safe. The phrases are really cool and fun. There is space for you to add your own flavour. Ivan is always available for questions and feedback, and very clear when he explain the movements. He makes it easier to learn. I feel I am improving my moves on the floor, in the air and upside down, and getting stronger.  Highly recommended for any dancer. 

Raquel Riuz

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